You worked hard to build your company. You partnered with the right people. You hired the best managers. But your company still isn’t moving in the right direction? Or getting there fast enough? Challenged to inspire your team? Lost your own passion for your business? Want to back off, slow down? Puzzled by how to proceed?

It is easy for any CEO owner to miss the one piece that impedes progress. Finding that key piece could enable the rest to quickly fall in place and help you to flourish.
Don’t let your business puzzle you.

  • Different Goals

  • Owner Role

  • Employee Role

  • Growth & Security

  • Family Harmony

  • Exit & Liquidity

  • Profits & Survival

  • Quality People

  • More Time

  • Reduce Risk

  • Manage Growth

  • Change Role

  • Exit & Positioning

  • Direction & Stability

  • Role

  • Career Growth

  • Management Succession

  • Culture / Values

  • Exit

Dufresne Consulting Group can help you find your missing pieces, connect them, define roles and focus your energy. With over twenty years experience as a proven leader in business management consulting, we understand how business results rely on relationships. Successful implementation requires a solid team, working in the same direction. We can help focus your internal team and external advisors, helping you fill any gaps in team expertise.

Manager & Family Relationships
Exit Plans & Coaching
Family Roles/Responsibilities
Facilitating Family, Owner & Manager Harmony
Management & Family Meetings
Shareholder Relations
Business Issues
Align Business & Individual Interests
Manage Growth & Position for Exit
Manager Roles/Responsibilities
Business Improvement Diagnostics
Structure & Organization
Coaching & Mentoring
Interim CEO or COO

Contact us today to find your missing piece and move your company forward.

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